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Street Blowjobs - Man Handler

Man Handler
Updated: 09/08/2013

8.17/10 (463 votes)

Description: I came across this damsel in distress that just got fired from her job. On top of it, I found out Logan was evicted from her place. She hasn't been down in sunny Florida for too long, so she didn't have many options. Logan needed a place to chill for a little while because she couldn't continue on the path she was going. I offered her to chill at my spot, and we could sort things out. I just wanted to sort my cock into her pussy, but I was going to make sure she was cool with it. We got back to my humble home, and then popped the money question. Logan needed loot and a place the stay. I gave her the place for the time being, but she needed to earn the loot. I started off light with an offer for some cash for a little dance. She shyly accepted, but everything changed when she felt how hard my dick was. I added a few hundreds for her to suck it. Logan was turned on, so it didn't take much convincing. Once she had a taste of my balls, she was ready to hop on my dick. Logan didn't care about money anymore. She just wanted to fuck and forget. I railed her good and could really feel her tight pussy. Logan hasn't had the dick in some time. I let loose in her mouth and on her face, and she didn't even hesitate. Logan smiled as I handed her the cash. She felt better after being fuck.

Models: Logan

Categories: Amateur, Black, Blowjob, Cum, Skinny, Tattoo

Site: Street Blowjobs

Reviewed: 12/21/2009

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Score: 81/100


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