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Why do you need a site like Lotza Fetish? The fetish market is luring bait to companies looking to catch hold of a fast-growing base of true fetishists and curious new fans of unusual porn. Popularity breeds numbers but not always viable offspring, too many mainstream offerings try to mutate into something more specialized than they really are. When you swim competitively in a pool this big, it’s easy to lose sight of your goal, straddling two lanes while trying simultaneously to please true fetish fanatics and general hardcore fans. In the end, most morphing mainstreamers are disqualified from the race since they don’t meet the requirements to win over either kind of customer.

We offer help not hype. We judge sites using solid criteria tailored to capture important fetish site features sorting out pretenders from contenders. We present the good, the bad and the ugly. To further your quest for the best, search our review database using multiple criteria. Don’t just take our word for it. We back reviews with links to free sample pictures, clips, member area previews and reviews on our competitor sites. Moreover, visitor’s comments are welcome and clearly posted at the bottom of each formal review. Finally, we weren’t just spawned yesterday. Lotza Fetish was born from a spring of experience. Nevertheless, it’s all new, with separate criteria and newly written reviews. Not just reborn under a different banner, lotzafetish.com is the new brainchild of talented minds at lotzafetish.com.

Lotza Fetish delivers the facts hook, line and sinker.

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